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Emotional & Physical Empowerment

Complimentry Discovery Session
20 minutes via Zoom or Phone

These sessions are great for us to connect and for you to share what you are wanting to move away from, and where you would like to go.

You can get a good sense of me and whether you would like to move forward into a Coaching experience with me.  

$120  Casual Holistic Coaching Rate

Casual coaching is ideal if you're not ready to commit to a package, yet want to experience what coaching is and if its right for you. 

Casual Coaching is also ideal for ongoing clients wishing to realign with their goals or purpose. 


x 6 Sessions $660 

x 8 Sessions $880


Pro Bono Life Coaching 

In life sometimes we experience very hard chapters.

We may know that support is needed but sometimes help is beyond our financial means. 

If you are experiencing a very difficult time, and you feel Coaching could help, please contact me personally to talk about my services at no charge.  

I offer two spaces per week and do so with non judgement and joy. 


These sessions are offered within my capacity as a coach to people wanting change in their life. They are in no means meant to take the place of medical professionals or therapists should that be required.

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