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Diploma of Positive Mental Health Coaching

Professional Certificate in Meditation Facilitation

Certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Welcome to The Art of Being Project, 

My name is Tash, and Im so glad you are here and taking the first steps towards change. Finding the right coach is paramount, so let me tell you a bit about myself...

I'm a very proud mother of three beautiful children, Arabella, Maxy and Ziggy.

My loves outside of my children and family, are spending time in nature, creating, meditation, movement and listening to music.

I have been a questioner for most of my life. From my early teens I had a fascination with personal growth, mindset, goal setting, emotional intelligence, and a curiosity and inherent love for what makes us tick as humans.

In part, my early fascination came from my own inner struggles and my desire to reconcile those feelings.

I was fascinated with what makes us tick, how do we find real joy, peace and authenticity. I would soak up information on various subjects such as personal growth, spirituality & ways to live a fulfilling life.

My journey was long & rocky, but I sit here now with an innate understanding and compassion for anyone that desires change in their life. 

I love nothing more than to sit with a client and marvel at their inner world. How incredibly nuanced we all are, yet at the same time, we share very basic inner needs & desires. 

However (and this is very important to acknowledge), everyones journey is markably different. Yes, we all share the same inner needs and desires, but our expression or manifestations are all individual. Because of this, every coaching session is unique, there is no set approach and this is what I love about Coaching. 

During my coaching sessions I give you the support, tools and techniques to uncover where you really want to go. From this space, we work together to craft and design the ultimate outcome, a life full of passion, meaning, connection and accomplishment.

I'm deeply passionate and committed in helping people change their lives and look forward to the opportunity to create with you.

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